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From top left, clockwise: Bowser's New Castle by fourinone (3rd place, 16/20), Bowser's Castle by Trogdor (2nd place, 17/20), Bowser's Volcano Lair by Krazy321 (joint 1st place, 18/20), Bowser's New Castle by barnecade (3rd place, 16/20).
Winner (centre): Bowser's New Castle by 24murph. (18/20)

LDC DetailsEdit

Final Levels by ScoreEdit

Unfortunately, the score list was stored off-site, and is now lost to the mists of time. All we have left of the scores is from the awards post:

Place Score Level Designer(s)
1st (tie) 18/20 Bowser's Castle 24murph
1st (tie) 18/20 Bowser's Volcano Liar Krazy321
2nd 17/20 Bowser's Castle Trogdor
3rd (tie) 16/20 Bowsers New Castle barn5314 (barnecade)
3rd (tie) 16/20 Bowser's NEW Castle fourinone

Also entered:

Level Designer(s)
Bowsers *new* castle eggnog
Bowser's Death Castle NYManiac
Bowser's NEW Castle PhyscoKamek
Castle Earthquake: Aftermath TheUnown7
Princess peach's castle zhulov3rz
Mario Vs. Mushroom Kingdom #1 samgamereviews
Bowser's NEW base 2: comin' home Nero the DemonSlayer
Bowser castle LuigiLegend
Arctic Stronghold Volcove
L'avenue De Death 3.14
Project M.E.C.H.A. Burrito15
Bowsers Fortress Finale Pikachu Masters


  • This far back, the levels were PM'd to the host, and the host posted them. In this case, Suyo posted the levels as host, and as a result, a number of entrants never posted even once in the thread.
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