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From top left, clockwise: Garden in the Sky by StarF (6th place, 14.7/20), The Secret of the Garden by Blakunosi (3rd place, 15.75/20), Garden Revisited by MICrophone (4th place, 15.67/20), A Dark Garden by Worst_master (5th place, 15/20), Garden of Life by Volkove (4th place, 15.67/20), It's A Garden by Buff_ (2nd place, 16.16/20). Winner (centre): Garden in the Clouds by Cryokenetic. (16.68/20)

LDC DetailsEdit

Final Levels by ScoreEdit

Place Score Level Designer(s)
1st 16.6 Garden in the Clouds Cyrokenetic
2nd 16.17 It's a Garden! Buff_ (Buffooner)
3rd 15.75 Secret of the Garden MegaMario1996 (Blakunosi)
4th 15.67 Garden Revisited MICrophone
4th 15.67 Garden of Life Volkove
5th 15 Dark Garden (miniseries) Worst_master
6th 14.7 Garden in the Sky Star-Fawful (StarF)
7th 14.5 Haunted Gardens Mushroomario (MushYoshi)
8th 14.4 Doram's Garden Doram W R L
9th 14.33 Star Sling Gardens triforceguy1
10th 13.55 Floating Gardens Galaxy (miniseries) MessengerOfDreams R (MessengerOfYahweh)
11th 13.25 Lrmaster's Beautiful Garden Lrmaster132 (spookyghost)
12th 12.75 The Minus World Blablob
13th 10.63 The Garden Galaxy YoshiKid54
14th 10.25 Grand Gardens (miniseries) Kimonio
15th 9.9 Peach's Garden Silver Sonic_106
16th 8.25 Zerke Gardens Salmo (RazorTH)
17th 8.13 Retake the Garden (miniseries) Nero the DemonSlayer
18th 7.2 Garden Xpo20 xpo20

Noone was disqualified in this contest.


  • This was another contest plagued with issues. This time, we had both the main host disappear, and several judges back out mid-contest.
  • Kimonio's Grand Gardens is, and probably ever will be, the longest miniseries ever submitted, consisting of 6 parts.
  • Cryokenetic was the third last user to win straight away with his first entrant. Unfortunately he left the site not even a month after his win.
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