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Username: Kimonio [[Image:|150px]]
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Pre-Runouw Edit

  • Was a roleplayer and gamer, who frequented gaming communities and imageboards.
  • Helped manage a three-person roleplay over the course of one year, surmounting an estimated total of 6000 posts.
  • Enjoyed Flash games and learning the Windows structure through virus management, basic repair, and general curiosity.

Runouw Era Edit

  • First joined in 2009, after seeing, experiencing, and playing Super Mario 63, or what was then the beta Super Mario 128.
  • Contributed to the Level Designer Contests, with his 9th LDC(Garden) 8-part entry being the domino to how many parts were permitted per user.
  • One of the first level moderators selected by Runouw, retiring his position in mid-to-late 2009.

Current Edit

  • Spends free time gardening, working with graphics, or landscaping

Personality Edit

someone add something here pls kthx

Trivia Edit

I'unno fam I'll think of something

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