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From top left, clockwise: Parallel Spires by Volkove (2nd place, 17.19/20), Ghostly Cave by Nwolf (4th place, 16/20), Plastic Beach by Asterocrat (3rd place, 16.81/20), This is War by NanTheDark (6th place, 15.75/20), Snowbound Outside the Atmosphere by DarkBlaze (5th place, 15.93/20).
Winner (centre): Destinations by MessengerOfDreams and Venexis (17.23/20).

LDC DetailsEdit

  • Number: 16th LDC
  • Name: Musical Moods
  • Thread link:: here
  • Vault Link: here
  • Awards post: here
  • Run by: ~MP3 Amplifier~ R L and MessengerOfDreams R - awards by Volkove
  • Number of Entrants: 14
  • Number of Pages of Posts: 47
  • Contest Started: October 18th, 2011
  • Final Overall Deadline: December 5th, 2011 (48 days)
  • Awards Posted: December 23rd, 2011 (21 days from overall deadline)
  • Judges: (all judging posts except Volkove's are linked below the results post)
    1. MessengerOfDreams R
    2. ~MP3 Amplifier~ R L
    3. NanTheDark
    4. SuperMIC
    5. Volkove (backup) - judging post

Of course, due to the special theme, this contest comes with its own set of special rules. (Oh yay!)

  1. Every contestant had to pick a music for his entry and provide a link to it in the level vault.
  2. No Mario Music or Music from other platform game. Other Nintendo is fine, but there cannot be any video game music based off of terrain (i.e. Jungle Japes or Space Something, and so on and so forth).
  3. If you're doing a miniseries, you have to use the same song for every part of it.
  4. The rule of having no inappropriate content such as excessive swearing etc. applies for both your level and your song.
  5. Once you have a good start of a level which can be posted as a reservation in the vault, you can claim your song by linking to it. Then nobody else is allowed to use it.

Final Levels by ScoreEdit

Place Score Level Song Designer
1st 17.23 Destinations (miniseries) Waiting for a Train MessengerOfDreams R and (Venexis)
2nd 17.19 Parallel Spires Ruse Rain Volkove
3rd 16.81 Plastic Beach (miniseries) Empire Antz Asterocrat
4th 16 Ghostly Cave In the Gloomy Darkness Nwolf (Nworlds)
5th 15.93 Snowbound Outside the Atmosphere Dark Star Vesoralla (DarkBlaze)
6th 15.75 This is War (miniseries) This is War NanTheDark
7th 15.5 Extraterrestra Tomare nin10mode R L
8th 15.17 Blood of Violet Hill Violet Hill SuperMIC
9th 15 Underground Temple Go ~MP3 Amplifier~ R L
10th 13.44 Search for the Stars In Search of Diamonds Troll-Haunter 3457
11th 13.18 Music Madness Traversing the Fortress-Aridia Karyete
12th 13.08 Repetitively Original Military Storm JSlayerXero
13th 8.81 Death Day Don't Wanna Go Home Koopa Troopa
14th 8.3 Turbulence Souen The Masked One


  • What a finish this was for MoD and Venexis, winning with only 0.04 points ahead of Volkove. This is the closest margin between second and first place until today.
  • Therefore the first winning collaboration in history was also the second winning collaboration, and Volkove already got his seventh silver trophy.
  • This was a very high-class LDC considering that nine out of 14 levels scored 15 or higher, this percentage is without rival, even against the LDC's with 8 and less entrants.
  • Aside from the very special 21st LDC, this was the first and only time of two people hosting an LDC together.
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