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Star Coin UnlockablesEdit

by Zunar on November 22nd, 2009, 8:29 am 5 - Level Designer (completely useless because you can access the Level Designer at any time via the Extras menu at the title screen) 10 - Grass Tileset 13 - Cave Tileset 16 - Shine Sprite 21 - Snow Tileset 25 - Volcano Tileset 28 - Desert Tileset 32 - Luigi (Jumps higher than Mario, but spends more time recovering from a fall into lava) 38 - Castle Tileset 43 - Other Tileset 48 - Shine Sprite 64 - MushRoom (room full of 1-Ups)

Enemy Guide/BestiaryEdit

Goomba Size: Small | Threat Level: 1/5 | How to kill: Stomp or spin Goombas are the trademark enemy of the Mario series, and they haven't changed much, aside from graphics.

Big Goomba Size: Big | Threat Level: 2/5 | How to kill: Stomp or spins Just bigger versions of Goombas. Same strategy as regular Goombas, except you may have to spin into them several times to kill them.

Mini Goomba Size: Tiny | Threat Level: 1.5/5 | How to kill: Stomp or spin Tiny versions of Goombas. Same strategy as regular Goombas, only they might be hard to see due to their size.

Shy-Guy Size: Small | Threat Level: 1/5 | How to kill: Stomp or spin into a wall Shy-Guys are a little tougher than Goombas, but not by much. To kill them by spinning, you have to knock them into a wall, lava, or oblivion, otherwise they just get right back up.

Fly-Guy Size: Small | Threat Level: 2/5 | How to kill: Stomp or spin Fly-Guys are just Shy-Guys with little propellers on their heads. If you stomp or spin into them, they will lose their propeller and turn into a regular Shy-Guy.

Koopa Troopa Size: Medium | Threat Level: 2/5 | How to kill: Spin Koopa Troopas have been around since the plumbers' very first game. If stomped or spun into, they retract into their shells, and you can then kick them around. It is not known if they come back out or not, and the only way to kill it is to knock it into oblivion.

Paratroopa Size: Medium | Threat Level: 2.5/5 | How to kill: Stomp or spin Paratroopas are just Koopa Troopas with wings. Like the Fly-Guys, they lose their flying capabilities if stomped or spun into. However, they can be placed in spots where it is impossible to get past them without getting hurt.

Bob-Omb Size: Small | Threat Level: 2/5 | How to kill: Spin or let explode Bob-Ombs are living, walking bombs. The instant they see you, their fuse is lit and they chase after you. Knock them away with a spin, but be wary of the resulting explosion. You can also just dodge them and let them explode on their own; whichever works.

Bully Size: Small | Threat Level: 2/5 | How to kill: Knock into lava or oblivion Bullies are black balls with horns, eyes, feet, and an attitude problem. If they see you, they start charging at you. Fortunately, they cannot directly hurt you; they only knock you back. Though, you could fall into a hazard (such as lava or oblivion), so they can still hurt you. The only way to kill these guys is to knock them into either lava or oblivion.

Big Bully Size: Big | Threat Level: 3/5 | How to kill: Knock into lava three times or oblivion Big Bullies are bigger and stronger versions of Bullies. They are harder to move, knock you back further, and they can withstand the heat of lava twice, but a third time, and they're down for the count. It's easier to just knock them into oblivion, but sometimes it's not always possible. They also sink if knocked into water, but that doesn't kill them, it just may get them out of the way.

Cheep Cheep Size: Small | Threat Level: 1.5/5 | How to kill: Spin Cheep Cheeps may look innocent and cute on the outside, but they are anything but. When they spot you, they start chasing after you. However, they aren't that hard; just a spin attack and you have dinner! Or breakfast... or lunch... depending on what time of day it is.

Mega Cheep Cheep Size: Big | Threat Level: 2/5 | How to kill: Spin Mega Cheep Cheeps are bigger versions of Cheep Cheeps, but size is the only difference. A simple spin, and it's fish fry time!

Boo Size: Medium | Threat Level: 3/5 Being ghosts, Boos are invincible. The only thing you can do is bounce off of them or spin into them and knock them away.

Big Boo Size: Big | Threat Level: 3.5/5 Big Boos are bigger, badder version of Boos. You can only bounce off of them or knock them away with a spin.

Penguin Size: Small | Threat Level: 1/5 Also known as Bumpties, Penguins are invincible. Spinning hardly does anything, so the best thing to do is just avoid them. If you are invincible, you can knock them away, but otherwise, don't bother.

Flying Penguins Size: Small | Threat Level: 1/5 Going against all laws of physics, these penguins fly in mid-air. They cannot be moved except by use of an invincibility star, and in that case, they turn back into penguins when touched. These do make a good wall if used correctly, though sometimes it is possible to scale up them by holding up and the direction you are going at them.

Goonie Size: Small | Threat Level: 0/5 Goonies are peaceful, white birds that fly through the sky. You can ride them, but your weight causes them to sink toward the ground. They are also invincible, but I don't see why you'd want to kill them anyway.

Skelegoon Size: Small | Threat Level: 2/5 | How to kill: Stomp Skelegoons are something to watch out for. You cannot ride them like regular Goonies, and a simple stomp on the back makes them lose their wings and turn into Wingless Skelegoonies.

Wingless Skelegoonie Size: Small | Threat Level: 2/5 | How to kill: Stomp Wingless Skelegoonies are just Skelegoons without wings. They are easy to defeat; a stomp on the head and it's done. Whatever you do, DO NOT spin into it. Spinning does absolutely nothing except put you in risk of danger.

Shine ListEdit

Red Coin ListEdit

Post by 3.14 » August 8th, 2009, 3:05 pm


BOMB-OMB BATTLEFIELD: 1.In the Garden in the first screen--Use Cannon at start 2.Below the hills in the first screen--Spin attack the blocks and then get the coin 3.On top of the first fludd box in the sky 4.On the cloud after the first green platform in the sky 5.At the exit for cannon balls at Bomb-omb battlefield 6. On top of the rock after the first Hover Fludd Box 7.At the beggining of the second screen at the cage thing 8.Get into the second will see it.

Sprite: In the first screen at the beggining below the garden.

NOTE: I LIKE TO BEAT BOWSER 1 FIRST CAUSE I LIKE TO HAVE ROCKET HERE SNOWMAN'S LAND Coins 1-3= Best if you have rocket..if you do..walk left to the cannon.blast up and rocket fludd left for 1 coin..and do he triple jump to the right for the other 2..or just rocket fludd to the right.


4. On the first big ice chunk 5.On the second ice chunk (upper one) 6. At the top of the moving snow cubes 7.At the end of the hill to the right of the moving snow cubes 8. Zoom out when you are at the end of the should see it

Shine: At the space between the moutains and the more mountains.

BOWSER 1: 1. At the start..go to the left instead 2. At the bottom of the third moving green block in the first screen. Get on the the bottom block to get it. 3.At the platform at the end of the moving green blocks 4. At the top when you get on to the blue block (still first screen) 5. On the evil elevater 6.When you enter the evil elevator...instead of going on the elevater.....jump off when you are at the same leval with the blue blocks to your left 7. the top path when you get off the evili elevater 8. When at the warp pipe..just go down the left

Shine: At the warp pipe


This is kind of hard cause it is I will walk you through.

1. Fall down..and then go right..Cross the bridge..and then get the rocket fludd...then DON'T GET OFF OF THAT PLANT..just rocket fludd up..go on the tipping log..go left..up..and your first coin! 2. In the same area..go to the sign..a bit right and then rocket boost ..get the coin to your left. 3.Jump over the gap...and make your way to the other side...then fall down WHEN YOU ARE AT THE OTHER SIDE..then go right...pass the cannon ball place and then fall down the gap...keep to the left first to get a star coin..then keep to the left for a passage to the red coin...then fall down the rest of the "chute". 4-5. Sling star up. and then go left. Go all the way back..past the cannon place...after that...keep going and when you get to the other side..get off or drop off at the bottom route.Keep going until you see a gap..go down. Ignore the first exit..go to the second one..and see some platforms..go all the way to the other side and and go up as the arrow says..get the first coin..keep going up..then you should see a red coin in a gap in the left wall. 6-8 Now go all the way down..and then back to the gap..this time go down to the bottom and go left to the side room. Walk left until you see a carpet..go on it. Get the three coins along the carpet's path.

Shine: Side Room

BOO'S MANSION 1-2. These are easy.They are in the basement. You'll see them. 3. Now they get hard. Go to the farthest to the right door on the first floor in the mansion..and walk past the tipping logs,and enter the door. Get turbo and go up the tipping logs and on BOTH of the turning blocks and go LEFT to find one. Go back to the main lobby. 4. Go to the farthest to the left on the first floor. Go past the turning blocks and enter the door. Go past the Hover Fludd Box and then zoom out to should see it in a little "in part" on the right wall. 5.Push the green button and go back to the main lobby. Go to the first door to the right of the main lobby...go up the stairs and see an arrow..go up there and get the coin. 6. Go up the stairs..and get to the second floor..go to the door farthest on the left. CABLE ROOM. Now zoom out to should see on the center ledge. 7.Go back to second floor.and go on the door right beside the one you just went in..go to the center and get the cap but DON'T Fall..Go all the way right and then get the coin.Activate the gold switch at the top. 8. Go to the second floor. Enter the door on the farthest to the right. Go up the should get it.

Shine: Second Floor

BOWSER 2 1. On top of the flame after the first heart (on the platform wheel) 2.On the top (NOT THE ROOF) of the cage thing after the two tipping logs 3. Under the platform in the same place as coin 2 4. On top of the flame in the third collumn after you go up the platform 5. Beside the sling star 6. In the middle of second and third Pointy-Rising-and-falling-platforms. 7. At the place where you get the rocket fludd. get it and then go back left to the sinking platform...rocket up to the roof. 8. This the place with the it normally and rocket up.and then instead of going right and breaking the blocks..fall down and get the coin.

Shine: when you exit the place with the rocket fludd.


1. On top of the first green platforms to the left of start 2.Under the second green platform to the left of start 3. Just take the sling star to the left of start 4-8 Now go back to the 2 coin place and go up the platform..and on the platform to the left. The rest of the coins are in that area.

Shine: The area of the coins from's'll see it.


1. Go over the waterfall..and over the rising falling platforms and jump over the gap. Now jump on the should see a red coin on top of the moving platform. Get it. YAY!! 2. Now jump over the tipping log and get on one of the platforms...when the platform is near the coin..get it.

3-8 Walk over for a new screen and jump over the tipping here is the place FILLED with red coins. Zoom out and get them all.

3.To the upper left of the 4 circling platforms 4.To the right of the 4 circling platforms 5. To the right of the three circling platforms 6.To the left of the four BIG circling platforms 7. To the right of the four BIG circling platforms 8.At the end when you get on to the top platform

Shine: In the place FILLED with red coins

RAINBOW RIDE 1-8. Go to the maze (you go left after the first carpet ride) more specificly.... 1. ZOOM OUT. Go to the far left of the maze..rocket fludd or ride the platforms to get the coin. 2. Now fludd up one of the holes above the circling platforms. Go through the other hole. Now keep going up the platforms until you see some logs. GET IT!! 3. Now ride the big platform up and break the blocks to get the coin. 4. Now go all the way back down..EXCEPT THIS TIME.. DON'T FALL THROUGH ONE OF THE TWO HOLES...GO RIGHT. Walk over..then rocket fludd up and again to get the coin. 5.Make your way to the fludd box (above one) and go left and get on the platform. Don't fall and get the coin at the top. 6. Now get back to the fludd box. Go up the bone thing and then take the path going to the upper left. Go all the way to the upper left corner and fall down to get the coin. 7. Go back to the box...go up the bone thing again and this time go to the right. Go all the way to the corner and then fall down for a coin. 8. Ride the elevator down for another coin.

Shine: On the center ledge.

BOWSER 3 1. Outside the castle....right before you come the middle of the spinning green platforms..close to the lava. 2. Above the cannon 3. In the lower left door...On the third block that the thwomp the second column. 4. In the lower right door...below the longest set of falling logs (after you get the key there..or use rocket fludd) 5. In the upper right the upper left corner in the first room after you fall down. 6.In the upper lright door..In the top right corner in the room with the spinning axis thingimabobers. 7.In the upper left door...above the flying turtle after the heart. 8.In the upper left the center of the circling four platforms after the heart.

Shine: Below the Cannon


SHIFTING SAND LAND 1. On top of the box in the first screen 2. Beside the pine tree after the box 3. After you use the sling star...go left on the platforms and get the coin 4. After you use the sling star...go right and see a cage..get the invisibility cap first 5. After you get the cap..DON't use the sling star and walk right off to the sand...jump over the gap and walk through the hill. 6.right on top of that same hill 7. When you get to the platform farthest to the right when you use the sling star...jump off it when it ends..make sure to land on the tower. 8.On top of the first tower.

Sprite: On the roof of the first screen in the beginning.

WET-DRY WORLD There is a glitch here..just get one red coin and then die in the underwater..and then the sprite will be there. First go to the underwater city..blast to it in the cannon.

1-2 Before pressing the button tall the arrow are pointing too..go to the lower right corner...go all the way to the end and up..get the coin. YOU CAN NOW DIE AND GET THE SPRITE..IF NOT... 3. In the cage in the bottom left corner..get the cap from the bottom right corner..and the end of the passage under some blocks. 4. On the center spike to the right of the bottom corner 5. In the center of the four spinning platforms right below you enter the Under Water City. 6. Behind some blocks to the right of coin number 5. 7. Inside the blocks in the upper left corner. 8. In the block right below coin 7...down down.

Sprite: Above the button that the arrow are pointing to.

TICK-TOCK CLOCK GO TO THE SECOND SCREEN: YOU WILL FIND ALL THE COINS HERE This is too easy. 1-8 On the rotating platforms. Shine: At the beginning of the second screen.


JOLLY ROGER BAY 1.When you get fludd..go up the platforms and get the coin 2. On top of the first goomba on the second body of water 3. Below the first goomba on the second body of water 4. In the right side of the third body of water 5. Below the three spinning platforms that are IN the forth body of water 6. To the right of the three spinning platforms that are IN the forth body of water 7. Inside the ring of coins where you get the second fludd 8. Now go back to the third body of water..go on the platform with the sprite...get the coin under it. Shine: Above coin number 8.

SECRET OF THE SKY I'll Walk you through 1. Go right from the starting point. On the second cloud to the right of where you start. 2. Now DO NOT countinue on the clouds. Fall down and keep going right on the ground until you see a pit. Ground pound to the coin. 3. Now rocket fludd at the coin. Get on the cloud..and keep going left until you see two arrows pointing up. Get the coin at the top. 4. Now go left..keep walking slowly to get the coin. 5. Now go back to the place where you got the third coin. This time go right and let the couds blow you. Go all the way left to get the coin. 6. Return to the three arrow place and go right this time. The coin is at the end of the log. 7. Now return to coin 1. This time go up the clouds. Go left and rocket to the coin. 8. Go right this time and get the coin at the very right. Shine: Go to the three arrow place.go up and rocket fludd.

Star Coin ListEdit

Posted by fourinone on August 1st, 2009, 9:50 pm

Hello, everyone. Hopefully, you clicked this topic here instead of starting a whole new topic. There have been too many of those, lately!

Obviously, this walkthrough contains SPOILERS. In case you are related to that elderly woman who sued McDonald's for not warning her that her coffee was hot, well, this is for you.

Notes: -> This walkthrough only covers the locations of the star coins, not the locations of the secret levels in which they are hidden. If you are having trouble finding a secret level, refer to the Secrets List here: -> The star coins are listed in order as they appear on the pause screen. Number 1 would correspond with the first coin on that row, and so on. -> Whenever I say "secret course", I mean the place where you get the fifth shine of each area, with the purple background and such. -> For those of you who don't speak Mario-geek, Bumpties are those blue penguins. Yay.

So yeah, walkthrough time? Alright.


General Tip: When looking for star coins, try zooming the screen out as far as it can go, so that it's easier to see them. They are large and shiny and should stand out rather prominently.

Bob-omb Battlefield 1. Go into that cannon in the beginning, and shoot directly upwards. 2. At the top of the Sky area. Fly there from the Floating Island with the wing cap or use rocket FLUDD. 3. Right above that peg and cage where the chain chomp should be. Use hover or rocket. 4. On the left side of the mountain past the heart and water bottle, jump off the side. 5. On the right side halfway up the mountain with the breakable brick, jump off the side. 6. In the secret course, take a detour to the left near the green moving platforms.

Snowman's Land: 1. Halfway up the Snowman area, before taking the sling star, jump past it onto more Bumpties to get it. 2. In the sky of the first area. Use the cannon, then the wing cap to reach it. 3. In the Mountains area, use the invincibility star to kill the Bumpties surrounding it. 4. In the Ice Maze area, under the moving blocks of ice. Use turbo FLUDD if you don't want to get squashed, but if you don't care, then go right on ahead. 5. In the middle of the first ferris wheel in the More Mountains area. 6. Inside in Ice Maze, jump upwards when you're on the second moving ice block.

Hazy Maze Cave: 1. In the room directly above the pit room, rocket boost up where you see the red arrow pointing upwards. 2. In the Side room with the flying carpet, make your way to the top right of the room and rocket boost. 3. Rocket boost up right when you get the rocket nozzle, then enter the hidden passage to the left of the zooming sign. 4. In the shaft leading down to the underground lake, stick to the left to enter a hidden passage. 5. In the pit room, rocket boost up where the cannonballs are falling down. 6. Inside the Toxic Maze, jump up to the platform just past the second heart.

Boo's Mansion: 1. From the balcony, rocket boost onto the highest platform. The coin is there. 2. At the golden switch (second floor, second door from the left), take the tilting logs and rotating platforms up to it. You need to hit the green switch first. 3. In the secret course, jump off to the right at the shine, or rocket boost from the blue book to the right of the biting book with a water bottle on it. 4. In the west tower room. You can get there from the mansion's balcony. 5. After hitting both the green and golden switch, enter the right-most second floor door. It should be in the upper right corner. 6. In the top left corner of the Cable Room (the left-most second floor door). Yes, that huge, annoying room. Yeah, I hate it, too.

Lethal Lava Land: 1. On the top of the small tower to the right of Toad's base. You need the hover FLUDD. 2. Inside the Lava Wheel. Just wait for it. 3. In the Steps area, hover/rocket above the map sign. 4. At the base of the volcano, with all of the fire pillars. You'll probably die getting it, so make with the masochism and go for it. 5. Inside the volcano, when you escape the rising lava, in the center of the first ferris wheel. 6. Towards the end of the secret course, under a tilting log. Feel free to die or whatever.

Tall Tall Mountain: 1. Right under the first mushroom. Consider getting the FLUDD before getting this one. Or just jump to your death. Either way. 2. In the second screen, get to the highest point of the area. Get on the green platform and jump to the right at the end. 3. In the area with the wind and silver stars, rocket boost right above the rocket nozzle box. 4. Under the tree bridge in the final screen with the first shine. Use hover or rocket FLUDD to get. 5. From the beginning, walk left and jump off the ledge. Don't worry about getting back up, the wind will blow you back. 6. In the area where you get the third shine, when you would rocket boost to the right to get the shine, instead rocket boost to the left for the coin.

Rainbow Ride: 1. While riding on the second carpet of the first screen, you'll see the coin on top of some Bill Blasters. Hover there. 2. On the carpet ride leading to the Cruising Ship, it's behind some breakable bricks at the far right. 3. On the carpet ride to the Floating Mansion, right before you get there. It's right in your path. 4. In the red coin maze, rocket boost up the shaft next to the hover nozzle box. 5. In the ever-so-annoying secret course, get to the green platform with the Goomba on it. Jump onto the rotating triangle while riding said platform. 6. At the junction where you first get the hover FLUDD, go left. It's under a platform.

Shifting Sand Land: 1. Underneath that little platform past the oasis. Wait until you have hover, or just take one for the team. 2. Before you get the shine in the pyramid, walk past it to the right and drop down to the coin. 3. Take the sling star in the beginning and follow that path. Jump to the coin from the green platform at the end. Or just rocket boost onto the obelisk and get it from there.

Wet-Dry World: 1. Jump into the cannon in the beginning, and tilt it slightly to the right. The coin is up there. 2. Right below the first shine (at the top of the left area). 3. At the top of the Underwater City. You be able to reach it with a spin from the highest water level.

Tick Tock Clock: 1. On the second screen, next to where you get the hover FLUDD, jump up the rotating squares. 2. On the first screen, in that whole mess of pendulums at the top. 3. On the third screen, right above the first pendulum.

Storyline: (This is probably why you're here...) 1. Bowser's First Trap: When you get to the pipe leading to Bowser, jump off the left side instead. Use the hover FLUDD down there to fly to the coin. 2. Bowser's Second Trap: In the second screen, right before the sling star, get to it before the platform sinks too deeply. 3. Bowser's Castle: In the middle of the Hub room (where you need to get the keys), behind a metal fence. Get the invisibility star in the bottom right door and run all the way back to here. 4. Bowser's Castle: In the top right key room (Bowser's Lab). Revisit the castle once you've gotten the hover or turbo FLUDD and you should be able to get this coin easily. 5. Bowser's Castle: In the third screen of the space section, on top of some falling logs. Difficult to miss, really.

Castle Secret Star Courses: (...or for this, maybe...) 1. Secret of the Mushroom: Take the hard path. It should be next to a spinner on the left. 2. Tidal Isles: Underwater on the right side of the level. Activate the green platform and quickly swim underneath. 3. Secret of the Sky: At the bottom of the area towards the right. Ground pound against the wind to reach it. 4. Frosty Fludd: At the end, in the large turbo FLUDD jump. This may take a few tries. Try getting a running start with the turbo and jumping from the fifth flat block from the left. 5. Magma Maze: Get the rocket nozzle first, then make your way to the top right of the area. You'll know you're in the right place if you see two red Bill Blasters.

Castle Star Coins: (...and probably the last one here. Yeah.) 1. In the Snowman's Land painting room, enter a hidden passage in the right wall to find a star coin, and that toad's silly, silly friend. 2. In the Level Designer room, triple jump off of the platform with the paintings towards the right wall to enter a hidden passage. 3. Edge of the Mushroom Kingdom: (Note: You need 63 shines to access this level.) When you get the Wing Cap, just fly to it; it's in your path.

Overall SecretsEdit

Posted by Suyo

These secret could be secret places, shortcuts and stuff. If you want to clear the game the real way, don't read it!

The End? If you beat Bowser 3, after the credits Mario will say "Thank you very much for playing my game!" and "THE END?" appears. If you have all shine sprites, "THE END" appears and Mario says "Hey, you're pretty good! See ya next time!"

Cheat Menu Go to the main menu (with the three buttons) and type in "cheat". Unlock everything: Obvious. Toggle: Load a save, go on the star map. You can click on Shines and Star Coins to get them (if you want to click Shines, you have to switch to Star Coins and back - odd bug)

Shortcuts To first Bowser Trap: Go to the staircase (with the door to the basement) and triple jump on the right wall. Go right until you fall down right over the trapdoor. To Door to Upper Staircase: Go on the upper ledge in the Main Room and jump against the right wall. Go right. To Second Bowser Battle: Go to the slide, Double Jump before it on it, and while still in air, hold Up and Down at the same time. To Final Bowser Battle: You can use this shortcut if you have 1 Shine or more. Reach the top of the main room. You can use Rocket Fludd, or double jump off the middle door and use Hover Fludd - Just reach the top of the room.

Secret Passageways in Castle A couple of ways can lead you everywhere in the castle. Here are the entrances: 1. Shifting Sand Land Room: just jump in the hole in the left wall 2. Shortcut: Go on the upper ledge in the Main Room and jump against the right wall. Go right. Do a Triple Jump, the last jump right before the end of the platform. Enter the star door. 3. Basement, Room with the Boo Painting: Activate the switch to raise the water and find the hole near the Boo painting to jump up. 4. Staircase to upper floor: Triple Jump on the stairs and hit the hole. Ways get unlocked after beating Bowser. After Bowser 1, you can go to the Secret Course "Thwomp's Fortress". After Bowser 2, you can find the "Power-Up Room", where you can obtain invincibility, Turbo and Rocket Fludd. Also, you can go from there to the Secret Course "The Magma Maze" and everywhere in the castle - use the other paths or use the doors.

Secret of the Mushroom Secret Course. Jump on the upper middle door in the main room and jump in the (hardly visible) Mushroom Painting - just press Up. In this course, you can get many 1-UPs - also collect all coins!

Jolly Roger Bay Secret Course. Go to the elevator room, jump on the left elevator and jump in the left wall as soon it reaches the highest point.

Thwomp's Fortress Secret Course. In the basement, activate the water switch and swim up through the hole. Take the Warp pipe on the right.

FLUDD Courses Secret of the Sky (Rocket): Left of the Hazy Maze Cave, you can see a sling star in the ceiling, jump it it, shoot up, shoot from the next sling star and you are there. Frosty FLUDD (Turbo): If you enter the basement, go right. You can see the outlines of a door there. Enter it to go to the course. Here's a pic of said door.

Cave of Empuzzlement Secret Course. Go to the upper floor and ground pound under the cloud painting.

The Magma Maze Secret Course. Enter Shifting Sand Land room and take the secret tunnel left. Enter the Bob-omb Battlefield room secret area and jump up. There should be a giant Mario stained-glass window. Now go to the upper-left path, which is cave-like.

Edge of Mushroom Kingdom - FINAL COURSE Secret Course. Go to the Castle Grounds. Use the cannon (you unlock it with 63 shines) to launch yourself on the roof of the castle. Go to the top and use the slingstar. With the Wing Cap, enter the cannon again and shoot yourself in the preset direction. You reach a ledge. Go right to enter the Course.

Star Coin Prizes 16: Shine Sprite 32: Luigi (enter the door to switch beetween him and Mario) 48: Shine Sprite 64: "Mush-Room" (lots of 1-UPs)

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