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From top left, clockwise: Mario's Final Quest by Blakunosi (5th place, 14/20), Light's Rebirth by Volkove (2nd place, 16.62/20), The Silver Shine by Buff_ (3rd place, 16/20), The Final Shine by Avo (5th place, 14/20), The Great Star Hunt by MICrophone (4th place, 15/20).
Winner (centre): Space Colony by Krazy321. (18.35/20)

LDC DetailsEdit

Final Levels by ScoreEdit

Place Score Level Designer(s)
1st 18 Space Colony Krazy321
2nd 17 Light's Rebirth Volcove
3rd 16 The Silver Shine Buffooner (Buff_)
4th 15 The Great Star Hunt marioiscool254 (MICrophone)
5th (tie) 14 The Final Shine Avolerators (Avo)
5th (tie) 14 Mario's Final Quest megamario1996 (Blakunosi)
6th (tie) 13 Darkness of The Shine Sprite Kirby_999 (Canine)
6th (tie) 13 The Silver Stars of Salvation nin10mode
6th (tie) 13 [Here Is The Inserted Name] samgamereviews
6th (tie) 13 Super Mario 63 Final Shine Mission Zunar
7th 11 Yoshi Boo 118's Entry Yoshi Boo 118
8th 9 The Last Shine Kimonio


  • This LDC was unique in that it had a pre-made section from 24murph that could not be altered. as a result, there were special rules:

Of course, in addition to the previously stated rules, this contest comes with its own set of special rules. (Oh yay!)

  1. You MAY NOT move, remove, or edit any tiles or items already placed into the level in any way, shape, or form. You MAY (and should), however, add tiles/items to the existent sections.
  2. You MAY NOT change the level's dimensions (the x/y values for level size). (But if people start complaining about this, I might reconsider...)
  3. You MAY change the title, background, and music.
  4. If any parts of the existent sections are altered, points will be deducted from "Other Things".
  5. It would probably be a good idea to keep the graphics style similar to that of the existing sections, lest something fishy happens to your "Graphics" score. But don't feel too bogged down by this; you may of course still use your own style. Basically, just make sure it doesn't look awkward.
  6.  ???
  7. Profit!


  • Despite not having moved to the fractional system, there weren't a lot of ties for top spots this contest. The winners were clearly defined this time around...
  • Speaking of which, this was the last time that scores were rounded to the closest integer. After recalculating the averages from all judgings, Krazy's winning score turned out to be a whopping 18.35, an all-time record which still lasts until today.
  • Here we see the first time Judging Reviews were provided as part of the Contest.
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