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From top left, clockwise: Darkwater Caverns by Harmless (4th place, 14.44/20), Aquatic Breach by Triple J (5th place, 13.94/20), Cheep Cheep Canal by KABOOM (3rd place, 15.25/20), Echoes of Time by MessengerOfDreams (2nd place, 15.94/20), The Water Butterfly by ~MP3 Amplifier~ (2nd place, 15.94/20).
Winner (centre): Freezestone / Thermal Temple by Yurimaster (16.44/20).

LDC DetailsEdit

Final Levels by ScoreEdit

Place Score Level Designer
1st 16.44 Freezestone / Thermal Temple Yurimaster
2nd 15.94 The Water Butterfly ~MP3 Amplifier~ R L
2nd 15.94 Echoes of Time (miniseries) MessengerOfDreams R
3rd 15.25 Cheep Cheep Canal KABOOM
4th 14.44 Darkwater Caverns Harmless
5th 13.94 Aquatic Breach (miniseries) Triple J
6th 13.31 Underwater Cave Nwolf
7th 12.94 Torrent Dungeon 1018peter
8th 10.25 Mario and the Orb of Morph (miniseries) Supershroom W R L
9th 6.5 Mario's Journey 2-1: Aqua Temple Thefiredragoon


  • This LDC was started after a 4+ months gap from the 26th LDC with the 3rd mini-LDC and the 2nd LLLDC in between, and it was Nwolf's second time being the host, and just like in the 22nd LDC, MoD spoilered the results again, but Nwolf still made his own fancy announcement post.
  • Yurimaster's Freezestone won with the same score as MP3's Science War in the 23rd LDC, and as before in the 17th LDC, MoD and MP3 tied at second place.
  • Supershroom met a very unlucky fate with his large series being too ambitious for him being a fresh blood in the scene back then, and he got quite controversial scores (14 from MP3, but 5.25 from Harmless). Apologies for unsufficient maturity on dealing with this outcome from his side. Later on, Shroom proposed a new judging system trying to prevent large score gaps, but it was disapproved by the community for various reasons.
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